Hi, so I first found Kissy bras as a customer. I always hated wearing bras before. I dreaded putting them on in the morning for work, felt uncomfortable all day and looked forward to finally taking it off when I got home. My Aunt in China introduced me to this company and I tried one of the wide strap bra's that they launched with and I was instantly sold on how comfortable, light and breathable it was but I still felt supported by it. So I ordered another off them and threw out all my old bras the next day. Since then I helped a few of my friends find Kissy as well and saw how it also helped them improve their comfort at work and in their daily lives.

Too many women focus on looking sexy for others and don't listen to their own bodies when it comes to comfort. Beauty doesn't have to be painful and uncomfortable, Kissy's bras get rid of those tight feelings, pressure marks and painful underwires and instead offer comfort in a sexy and stylish look. Listening to their own bodies and having greater comfort while at work empowers women more to be confident and take control of their own destinies and not feel constricted by old designs and ways of thinking. For me empowering women is something that I really believe in and that's why I am now working with Kissy to bring it to the UK market.

We were originally known as Enjoy Kissy Moments but have now switched to  Enjoy Kissy Moment - RUWEN to match with the rebranding of the company in China. Ruwen means "like a kiss" and is meant to describe how it feels wearing our products. 

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